Friday, August 4, 2017

Gabriel's 9 Month Update

I literally just finished typing up Gabe's 8 month update, but I am sitting at a Starbucks childless for a couple of hours and figured now is the PERFECT time to finally get caught up on our cutie's monthly posts! Here is a little peek into Gabriel's month:
This boy moves CONSTANTLY, so ignore the blurry hands!

Weight: 18 lbs. 14 oz. (33%)

Length: 29 1/2 inches (88%)

Head Circumference: 19 inches (99%)

Nicknames: Gabey, Gabe, Blue Eyes, Red, Gabes, Chunks, Chunkalicious 

Wearing: 12 month

Sleep: Still sleeps with us, BUT now that Jackson is back in his bed, we are seriously discussing getting Gabe crib trained... we know it isn't going to be pretty (especially with as vocal as he is about EVERYTHING), but according to the articles I've read, the worst of it should last 3 days... we will see. 

Gabe likes: Jackson, Bella, standing on his OWN, yelling/being heard, crawling around on his feet and hands, getting into things he knows he shouldn't get into, climbing, cuddling

Gabe dislikes: When mommy tries to lay him down for our monthly photo session, having to stay still for too long, long car rides, his car seat, when Bella hisses at him, being pulled away from something

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: His HUGE personality, his red hair and blue eyes, how smart and funny he is 

~This picture still makes me choke up... As I mentioned in last month's update, Gabe's doctor recommended we get an x-ray of his hips since they seem so tight (he figured he was fine but wanted to rule out bigger issues), so we went into Children's Hospital for it. Because of a typo on his referral/prescription, we had to wait FOREVER to be seen (since the doctor's office had to fax over a new one) and then I wasn't even allowed in because of Jackson... As expected, Gabe SCREAMED the entire 2 minutes he was in there and poor Jackson just stood out in the hallway (with his doctor's kit) panicking and asking to go in with Gabey. Fortunately, it didn't last long and we received great news: Gabe's hips are fine and are most likely tight because he is just freakishly strong!

~Gabe just randomly stood up on his own this month... We were outside running through the sprinkler and out of nowhere, he went for it! In addition to *just* standing, he also walks along furniture and pushes things around the room in order to get from point a to point b.

~An update from his doctor: I guess Gabe is ahead on the curve on everything (which is always nice for the unbiased mother to hear, ha) and his doctor said he is excelling in both fine motor skills (i.e. clapping at 5 1/2 months) and overall development. We also found out that Gabe is in the 33rd percentile for weight and 88th for height, so his doctor guesses that he will always be a tall and skinny guy (maybe he's taking after Grandpa Tony?)! 

~Oh my gosh, this kid. eats. EVERYTHING (shown here eating a blade of grass during a trip to the park). One day I was changing his diaper and noticed it glaring back at me... come to find out, Gabe found one of those googly eyes for crafting and ate it (oh the things that poor eye must have seen during its long and terrible journey...). Another memorable "Gabe eats everything" moment was when he found a ladybug, delicately picked it up and stared at it with such childlike innocence, and then shoved the thing in his mouth and clenched his jaw so I couldn't fish it out :/ (He knows I am going to pull stuff from his mouth and has learned to tighten his jaw and/or crawl away as quickly as he can.

Note: His older brother (who is wearing underwear on his head... potty training is going great!) trapped under the basket.
Baby's first 4th of July! (We hosted some dear friends for a BBQ... our neighbors shot of fireworks 3 nights in a row and Gabe did NOT like the loud noise!)
Jackson, Gabe, and Jackson's baby, who is coincidentally named Gabey (it's my old doll he found at my parent's house)
Gabe and his best friend, Bennett (who is only 11 days older)
Road trip to Kansas
Sooo happy to be out of the car!

Simon's wedding reception
Spangles with Nana
Meeting Great Grandma Miracle and Cousin Ashlynn
Fun on Nana's farm!
The boys with their sweet Great Aunt Jean
First haircut by his Great Uncle Denny (who also did both Jackson's and my first haircuts)!
Don't let this picture fool you... he did great until about minute 9!
Fun at Great Aunt Judy and Uncle George's! 
LOVE these people!
Everybody loves Aunt Judy
Gabe and his sweet godmother, Megan :)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gabriel's 8 Month Update

Well, seeing as though our Gabe has been 9 MONTHS for about a week now, I figured now would be the perfect time to FINALLY post his 8-month update :/ Gabriel is seriously the busiest and cutest little guy who is always keeping us on our toes and making us smile! Here is what he was up to from May 21st to June 21st:

This was the best it was going to get... this kid is ALWAYS on the move! 

Weight: He came in at 18.9 lbs during his allergy check up

Length: At his 6 month checkup, he was 26.75" long (56%)... and a noggin in the 97%... I will have this updated on his 9 month update!

Nicknames: Gabey, Gabe, Blue Eyes, Red, Gabes, Chunks, Chunkalicious 

Wearing: 9 & 12 month

Sleep: Still sleeps with us, but takes a short nap on me every morning, long nap with Jax and me every afternoon at around 2, cat nap in the evening, and down for bed at around 10. 

Gabe likes: Jackson, Bella, pulling himself up onto things, eating, cuddles, kisses, putting everything into his mouth, playing outside, taking Jackson's toys, visiting Grammy and Grandpa, 

Gabe dislikes: Not being able to walk, long car rides, being hungry, not being able to crawl around whenever he wants, long plane rides, being left out of something

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: His HUGE personality, his red hair and blue eyes, how funny he is 

A few quick bullet points:

~I flew with the boys to Bismarck for Brandon's cousin's wedding (photos below) and we had such a fun time! The boys were both so good and loved all the extra attention they got from extended family :)

~Poor Gabe just can't catch a break... while we were in Bismarck, he broke out into hives (photo below) and we left the wedding reception early. I'm not sure what caused it that time, but the after-hours nurse line recommended we see the doctor when we got back and she referred us to an allergist at Children's Hospital. Anyway, in addition to his allergy testing next month, she diagnosed him with eczema and prescribed him a cream, which is all addition to his wonky hips (more on that next month) and never-ending ear infections (which his doctor said makes him a great candidate for tubes :/). 

Another Tuesday, another "Cry Baby Tuesday" movie (this time it was Boss Baby)
First time pulling himself up!
Chick-Fil-A fun!
Brandon painted our bedroom one Saturday, so we all slept downstairs while the paint dried. 
This is what I always think of when Gabe wears pants :)
Fun at the Sweet William Market
Can't stop, won't stop with the sleeping pictures
Grammy and Grandpa's 28th wedding anniversary dinner at Cheddar's
On the shuttle to the airport!
Kailey and Justin's wedding reception
The picture on my lock screen
Poor, poor Cassie... Brandon and I took Jackson to see Cars 3 and we asked sweet Cassie to come stay with Gabe... I had to come home about 15 minutes after the movie started because he wouldn't stop screaming :/ we will try the baby sitting thing again when he's a little older!

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