Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gabriel's 8 Month Update

Well, seeing as though our Gabe has been 9 MONTHS for about a week now, I figured now would be the perfect time to FINALLY post his 8-month update :/ Gabriel is seriously the busiest and cutest little guy who is always keeping us on our toes and making us smile! Here is what he was up to from May 21st to June 21st:

This was the best it was going to get... this kid is ALWAYS on the move! 

Weight: He came in at 18.9 lbs during his allergy check up

Length: At his 6 month checkup, he was 26.75" long (56%)... and a noggin in the 97%... I will have this updated on his 9 month update!

Nicknames: Gabey, Gabe, Blue Eyes, Red, Gabes, Chunks, Chunkalicious 

Wearing: 9 & 12 month

Sleep: Still sleeps with us, but takes a short nap on me every morning, long nap with Jax and me every afternoon at around 2, cat nap in the evening, and down for bed at around 10. 

Gabe likes: Jackson, Bella, pulling himself up onto things, eating, cuddles, kisses, putting everything into his mouth, playing outside, taking Jackson's toys, visiting Grammy and Grandpa, 

Gabe dislikes: Not being able to walk, long car rides, being hungry, not being able to crawl around whenever he wants, long plane rides, being left out of something

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: His HUGE personality, his red hair and blue eyes, how funny he is 

A few quick bullet points:

~I flew with the boys to Bismarck for Brandon's cousin's wedding (photos below) and we had such a fun time! The boys were both so good and loved all the extra attention they got from extended family :)

~Poor Gabe just can't catch a break... while we were in Bismarck, he broke out into hives (photo below) and we left the wedding reception early. I'm not sure what caused it that time, but the after-hours nurse line recommended we see the doctor when we got back and she referred us to an allergist at Children's Hospital. Anyway, in addition to his allergy testing next month, she diagnosed him with eczema and prescribed him a cream, which is all addition to his wonky hips (more on that next month) and never-ending ear infections (which his doctor said makes him a great candidate for tubes :/). 

Another Tuesday, another "Cry Baby Tuesday" movie (this time it was Boss Baby)
First time pulling himself up!
Chick-Fil-A fun!
Brandon painted our bedroom one Saturday, so we all slept downstairs while the paint dried. 
This is what I always think of when Gabe wears pants :)
Fun at the Sweet William Market
Can't stop, won't stop with the sleeping pictures
Grammy and Grandpa's 28th wedding anniversary dinner at Cheddar's
On the shuttle to the airport!
Kailey and Justin's wedding reception
The picture on my lock screen
Poor, poor Cassie... Brandon and I took Jackson to see Cars 3 and we asked sweet Cassie to come stay with Gabe... I had to come home about 15 minutes after the movie started because he wouldn't stop screaming :/ we will try the baby sitting thing again when he's a little older!

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