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Several of my best friends (the night before our wedding) -- one of my all-time favorite pictures!

Oh hey there. I’m Annie and I’m glad you’re here! Here’s everything you need (and probably way more than you want) to know about me before we come besties:

~ My real name is Anabel but I’ve always gone by Annie (except during my “professional” days in broadcasting). If you follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram, you’ll notice that my name is anjoyabel, which is Anabel + Joy (my middle name).. you’ll also notice that “anjoyabel” is a lot like “enjoyable,” which I like to think I am.

~ Back to the “professional” broadcasting thing – I attended school for broadcasting and had every intention of one day working as a producer in either the broadcast news or entertainment field. Well, you know the saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”? That basically sums it up. I interned at a top television news station in Colorado during the summer of 2012 and quickly realized that the fast paced and often depressing world of news isn’t for me (see: Aurora shootings). I now work as a professional stay-at-home mamma and marketing strategist and happily spend my days chasing an adorably rambunctious toddler and dreaming up creative marketing solutions for small businesses and non-profits.

~I’m a cradle Catholic who loves her faith and is proudly bringing up her family in the Church.

~You will rarely find any crafts on this blog; I have absolutely no talent when it comes to creating anything (except for cute babies).

~I don’t know what kind of music the kids are listening to these days.. as a matter of fact, my husband and I recently had a conversation along the lines of “Izzy who?” and “Why is this Ariana Grande performing on tonight’s ‘America’s Got Talent’?” We’re cool like that. However, if you want to jam out to Alice in Chains, Nirvana, STPs, or The Red Hot Chili Peppers, step into my car (we even have a few “Rockabye Baby” CDs for Jackson)!

Other tidbits you just gotta know:
~ I married the love of my life on January 5, 2013 (which you can read all about here).
~ Love plain pasta; loathe onions.
~ I’m obsessed with Christmas. Like, I listen to Christmas music, watch Rudolph, Pin, and shop year round obsessed.
~ I wear slippers around the house because I can’t stand having my bare feet touch the floor – I also can’t remember colors (example:  let’s say I buy a blue shirt; if you ask me later what color the shirt I just bought is, I’ll probably tell you grey or green.. weird, I know! Brandon jokes about how he wishes we could collect disability for my color disability).

You’re still reading this? Cool! We’re meant to be friends! Stick around, BFF.

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