Monday, June 12, 2017

Gabriel's 7 Month Update

Now, I know what you're thinking... "Wow, Gabe has been 6 months for almost two months now!" Right? Wrong. What actually happened is that this has been the craziest month ever and I FINALLY have a chance to sit down and write... Totally weird and unlike me, right? (Just nod along, please.) Anyway, it has been another wonderful month with our boy -- here is what our Gabey is up to:

This is how most of our photo shoot looked.

Weight: I'm guessing 17 lbs... we will have an exact weight for his 9 month update!

Length: At his 6 month checkup, he was 26.75" long (56%)... and a noggin in the 97% (18 inches!) 

Nicknames: Gabey, Gabe, Chunks, Blue eyes, Chunkilicious, Stinker, Little Brother

Wearing: 9 & 12 month

Sleep: No changes, except that we have all been going to bed/waking up earlier since our trip to Tennessee last month! (Gabe normally goes down 9:30-10 and sleeps until at least 9.)

Gabe likes: Jackson, Bella, stuffed animals, crawling, tickles, cuddles, being the center of attention, being interacted with, bath time, exersaucer, sleeping, stealing his brothers toys, pulling hair, eating, sitting in the high chair at restaurants, plane rides (for the most part), the Sandmeier clan (Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandpa, and Great Aunt Debbie)

Gabe dislikes: Not being able to walk, the stroller, when bath time is over, when everyone leaves the room, long car rides, having toys that are too small taken away from him, diaper changes, having to lay on his back for long periods at a time, not being able to move around when we are out and about, long car rides

Mom & Dad's Favorite Things: His interactions with Jackson and Bella, watching him learn new things, his adorable little smile and laugh, his rolls, how he tries mimicking things

I usually show pictures of something correlating to this month's big milestones, but I don't have many relevant pictures... soo, enjoy these quick bullet points! 

~I kid you not, we only set Gabe up on his own once or twice and he not only had it down, but quickly learned how to move from a crawling position to sitting up back to crawling... this kid is way too stinking strong AND smart!

~My mom played Patty Cake with Gabe one weekend when she was here and Gabe was absolutely enthralled and started clapping a few days later... (To give you a little comparison, The Bump says clapping doesn't normally begin until between 8 to 9 months!) 

~With all of this being said, it should come as no surprise that Gabe is extremely observant and studies every one and everything really closely... Future doctor and/or president? I think so! 

First time sitting at the table! 
Baby Besties: Gabriel, Natalie, and Bennett!
Sleeping on the plane to Grandma and Grandpa Sandmeiers
4 generations of good men in Tennessee!
First time in a high chair (sharing chicken tenders with Grandpa Bryan)
Somebody loved his grandma!
Last day at Grandma and Grandpas :(
Daddy introducing the boys to Star Wars on May 5th 
Big boy's first time riding in the front of the cart!
Somebody was SO happy to be out of the car and at our New Mexico hotel!

Trip to Santa Fe for my cousin's graduation
Congratulations, sweet Sarah!
Can't stop, won't stop with the sleeping pictures <3
On the way home from New Mexico -- he wasn't a fan of the long road trip

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