Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Story/Video I Meant to Post One Year Ago

..does that tell you how far behind I am with blogging?


It was a few weeks before Mother's Day 2013 when we first found out we were pregnant with Jax and decided we wanted to incorporate telling our families with Mother's Day! Our big plan was to give my mom and Mamma Nancy their gifts (more on that below) together during our graduation party and then give Brandon's step mom, Val, her gift when they visited the following weekend.

Those plans fell through almost immediately.

Side note: I'd told my dad the morning after we found out and made him promise not to tell my mom.

If you know me, you know that I talk to my mom several times a day whether it be on the phone, by text, email, etc., so I decided I needed to cut down on the calls/texts or I was going to blow it.. well, she ended up calling me out on it a few days after we found out (she was wondering why I'd been acting so weird and why I wasn't calling or talking to her) and I wound up telling her while I was driving to a news shoot.

Okay, okay.. so we'd wait and tell Brandon's mom during graduation..

That didn't happen either.

We (and by we, I mean me) couldn't keep our secret that long and decided to visit Salina for Mother's Day weekend to give Mamma Nanc her gift (below). Timing wise, it was perfect and I'm so glad we told her when we did--I didn't have to dodge her phone calls and texts anymore either!
 How cute is she?! Jackson is blessed to have such a sweet Nana!

After telling Mamma Nancy, we told Brandon's sister and her family and then had to sit back and wait another week to tell his dad and step mom. I so wish I would have been thinking and had my phone out when we gave Val her frame--she caught on right away and Brandon's dad's reaction was priceless!

Telling our families that we were pregnant may go down in history as the best Mother's Day gift we've ever given.. but I'm hoping this years gift comes in second.

More on that next week.

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