Monday, January 28, 2013

I Used to Eat Paper and Slow Cooker Green Bean Dumpling Soup!

This post is going to be a cluster so bear with me..

I've been on a huge soup kick lately.

Does anyone else go through phases where you want to eat the same thing everyday for weeks.. or months? I do that often. In fact, two and a half years ago, all I ate was soup (and yogurt). And then I was sick of soup and decided I wanted nachos all the time (I'm actually still going through that phase--I get chicken nachos at every restaurant we go to). Then it was Havarti quesadillas and jelly (more info here). Now I'm back to soup.

And yesterday, I was in soup heaven.

Our local humane society was hosting their 16th annual "Soup'R Bowl" fundraiser where local celebrities and business owners make 10-gallons of homemade soup and community members pay $5 to sample every single one and then vote for their favorite. Oh boy, it was good. There was everything from taco soup to ham & cabbage soup to potato cheddar soup. It. Was. Fab. Brandon and I were working at a booth but took a quick break to make the rounds.

And I found my new favorite soup. Green Bean Dumpling.

After the event was over, I had to work for a few hours. While I was at work, all I could think about was that green bean dumpling soup. I had to have more for dinner.

So, I invented this super simple, extremely tasty slow cooker green bean dumpling soup!

Okay, I lied.

I can't take all the credit for this. I got the original idea from The Dedicated House's Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings (which is also orgasmo good and easy to make) and just substituted the chicken for green beans.

I was feeling so proud of myself while I was making this last night--I was thinking about all of the busy moms out there that I could share this recipe with! And then it dawned on me.. what kid would eat this?

I'm not a mamma (yet) but I was a 5-year-old once so I remember exactly how picky eaters act.

I wouldn't eat anything green. I flat out refused. And I was such a brat to my poor mother who stayed home with my brother and me everyday and then found time to make us a nice supper. I remember one time I refused to eat whatever my mom made and demanded that I get a peanut butter sandwich instead (keep in mind that I was 5--and I was not one to back down). My parents told me that I eat whats on my plate or I didn't eat at all.

Pssh yeah, like that was going to happen.

So I was excused from the table without having anything to eat. About an hour later, I decided enough was enough and that it was time for my peanut butter sandwich. But my parents still said no..

So I cried. And I cried. And I cried.

And being the drama queen I was, I ran down to the basement and cried.. And ate some paper that I found in my dads office. Yeah, I really showed them..

Who could say no to this precious, trout toothed, bull cutted (I don't think that's a real word..) Kindergartener? The little darling..
If your kids are a lot lower maintenance than I was (and by the grace of God, they are), they might actually enjoy this. It's really tasty and the dumplings are so fluffy and yummy. Try it out and let me know whatcha think!

Slow Cooker Green Bean Dumpling Soup
  • 3 (10.5oz) cans Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup 
  • 1 (32oz) box Chicken Broth
  • 10 Large Flaky Refrigerator Biscuits
  • 1 (16 oz.) bag of frozen green beans
  • Salt and pepper (to taste)
  1.  Add cream of chicken soup and chicken broth to crock pot. Cook on high for 1 hour (2 hours on low).
  2. Cut each uncooked biscuit into 8 small pieces and stir into the soup mixture. Add frozen green beans and cook on high for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. 
  3. Serve hot and enjoy!
Bada Bing, Bada Boom!


  1. Look at that dress/top you wore back in Kindergarten!! Very cute!

  2. Well cutie that face stopped me in my tracks along with you used to eat paper! Good post.

  3. LOl, you are freaking hilarious! We would love it if you would link up at our new linky party: Two Girls and a Party Hosted by:
    Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life
    Parrish @ Life with the Crust Cut Off
    We hope to see you there!

  4. I totally know what you mean about liking a food and thinking about it nonstop until you can get your hands on it. Msadly, I soon learn todos.ike anything I eat too frequently, or maybe that's how I keep fit?, so if I eat it too often, I get to a point where I can't even say it without gagging. I couldn't eat yogurt for about 2 years after eating it too often. I am obsessed with nachos for a place where I live and I even wrote about their amazing ness. Uh oh I want some now. Guess I know where we'll be eating soon!

  5. Annie, what a great way to use green beans. Please drop me a line on if it is ok with you if I link to it on my blog, Carole's Chatter. Cheers

  6. I make a Volga German green bean dumpling that uses no canned soup. Feel free to message me if you want the recipe


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