Monday, March 31, 2014

Birthday Week Recap!

Last Wednesday was my 24th birthday and I was blessed enough to spend it with so many of the people I love--here's a quick birthday week recap!
Wednesday (Birthday)
  • Went to lunch at Olive Garden with my parents, brother, and Jax (Brandon was working and couldn't go :/).
  • Shopped at Kohls for my Easter/friends wedding rehearsal dress (gift from my mom)--my dad pushed Jax around the store the entire time so I was actually able to shop and try on a bunch of dresses.. I forgot what that's like!
  • Home for naps. 
  • Pizza, wings, cheese bread, and wine for supper with my boys. 
  • White chocolate raspberry and red velvet mini bundt cakes for dessert.
  • Watched Thelma & Louise (it was on TV which was extremely ironic because I was just telling my best friend how I wanted to watch it again). 
  • Bed.. for about 10 minutes until Jax wouldn't settle down.. So we played, took a second bath, read, rocked, and sang until 1am. 
  • Bed. For real.
Does this shirt make me look big? (Side note: we changed shortly after taking this picture.. 3 month clothes can't contain that belly!)
I know this is a terrible picture but I had to share the card my brother gave me.. he nailed it.
My little tiramisu dessert
Best birthday ever!
  • Slept in (thank you, Jack!).
  • Walked over to and shopped at Gordmans & Ross with my brother and Jack.
  • Costco.
  • Costco smoothies and Monsters University with Joey (my bro) & Jax.
  • Nap. 
  • Leftovers for supper. 
  • Early to bed. 
Jackie in the Ergo at Costco.. he loves to grocery shop!
  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science with Joey, Aunt Brigette, Cousins Gabby & Roni, and Jax.
  • Lunch at Cinzetti's (super yummy Italian buffet) with the museum crew + Aunt Millie. 
  • Naps and lots of cuddling w/ tired, teething boy. 
  • Cheese tortellini in a Vodka sauce and spinach salad for supper. 
  • Dateline, Shark Tank, 20/20, bed. 
I made them pose..

  • Watched cartoons (Jax likes watching TV already.. ugh).
  • Met my parents and brother at Aunt Nancy & Uncle Rolf's. 
  • Visited, ate, and had afternoon tea with the family before Brandon and I left for a birthday date (they watched Jax for us!). 
  • Burger Saturday at Ted's Montana Grill.. here's my quick review:
    I didn't like it. I got a Bison burger (which might have been the problem) and it tasted like the burgers my Grandpa (bless his heart) used to make where he'd slap some beef together, put it in a bowl, and pop it in the microwave--Brandon said his burger was pretty good though so I'm probably just not a buffalo girl..
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel. I loved it, Brandon didn't ("That was definitely an Annie movie." -Brandon).
  • Dinner and dessert back at Aunt Nancy's. 
  • Home for SNL and bed. 
"Pick me up, sweetheart.. I <3 older chicks"
Our burgers at "Ted's"
Pre-movie selfie.
My mom and aunt sent me this picture of Jackson on their walk.
If my birthday week is any indication of how this year is going to be, it's going to be wonderful! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to call, text, FB, email, and visit me for my birthday--God has blessed me tremendously with wonderful family and friends!

Cheers to 24!

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