Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Gabriel's 10 & 11 Month Updates

To my dear second child:

You turn ONE this Saturday and I often wonder how our family ever got by without you... you bring SO much joy to everyone you encounter, and are the smartest, cutest, and funniest little 11-month-old I have ever known. All of this being said, you are also extremely mischievous and curious, and keep me very busy... so busy, in fact, that I am just now getting your 10 and 11 month updates written and am combining the two since you are sound asleep and I don't get opportunities like this to blog very often.

These last two months have been both lots of fun and utterly exhausting, so let's get to it:

UPDATE (8/1/18): I started this post literally 11 months ago and am finally finishing it... Here's the getting most of the last year updated/posted while we are having a sick day at home and the boys watch The Incredibles!

Grammy came down for a night and we went backpack shopping for Jackson AND went to see Despicable Me 3 in theaters (which I believe is your 4th or 5th movie to see at a theater)! 
A fun morning at the park
At Joshua's birthday party with your best friend/Joshua's little sister, Natalie. 
This month we had your appointment with an allergy specialist at Children's Hospital... since your hives and eczema breakouts are so sporadic, the doctor didn't think it was anything food related and ended up not running any tests. In hindsight (a year later), I wish she had, as I still think your eczema stems from something food related. 
Berry picking with the Behnkes!
Daddy's lasik moral support
Best friends at the library (Bennett Martin is only 10 days older than you!)
Jackson's first day of PK3
The boys' first visit to the Capitol! After walking around the Capitol/downtown, we surprised Aunt Nancy at work and took her out to Noodles for lunch. 
Gabe's first trip to the Denver Zoo! 
A fun Denver day! We visited the Denver Museum of Dolls and Miniatures and took a picnic to Denver City Park. We kept throwing Goldfish to a curious squirrel, which both you and Jackson got the biggest kick out of! 
South Dakota trip! I am going to dedicate an entire post to this :)


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