Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lent, Free Snacks, & Other Short Stories

Today's post is just going to be a big jumble of random junk short stories so bear with me..

..and enjoy.

Free Snacks
Coming home from our daily walk on Tuesday, Jax and I passed a man from CenturyLink sitting in the entrance of our apartment complex--I saw him waving down approaching cars and couldn't figure out what was going on but planned to sneak by as quickly as possible without making eye contact. He ended up flagging me down and I'm so glad he did: he was handing out free snack bags and I was hungry! That was a great surprise and I kinda hope it happens every day from here on out (that isn't asking too much, is it?).

Thanks, CenturyLink!
Capri Sun=Sweet Nostalgia
I haven't talked about Lent at all this year (I started writing a post on Fat Tuesday but a certain baby wouldn't let me finish it!) so I thought I'd talk a little bit about it now. This has hands down been the most spiritually fulfilling Lenten season I have ever had! Instead of just giving up something like I normally do, I have started delving into the Bible/daily Gospel every night before bed and I love it.

I downloaded the Laudate app on my phone and am able to go over each day's Gospel reading and then dive in deeper with "Reflections." If you're looking to study the Gospel more in depth, I highly recommend checking out this app--I plan to continue my new nightly routine after Lent is over and look forward to learning more and more about Jesus and my awesome faith!

In other news, I also gave up sweets and junk food for Lent--I have no self control when it comes to sugar so this break was well needed (I've felt so much better and have noticed my stomach shrinking, too!).

Family Game Night
Brandon and I are both competitive by nature (especially with each other) and enjoy playing board games--but since the birth of Jackson, playing games hasn't been too easy. Monday night, we decided to get out our new (to us) Disney Trivial Pursuit game and introduced Jax to family game night/Disney. We had a lot of fun!
Not that it matters but I won.
Yesterday was a rotten day--between mommy drama, 6 week post partum checkups (10 weeks late), and being stuck in rush hour traffic, it just wasn't my day. However, there was some good to the day; Jax and I drove my brother to his job interview downtown and got to visit my aunt at work! 
Those. Cheeks.
Wiggles & Giggles
Jackson is starting to laugh now and it is the cutest/sweetest/happiest sound I have ever heard! What makes him laugh the most, you ask? My singing. I once had a teacher say that I "couldn't carry a tune in a bucket," so I guess it's paying off now.. whatever gets my little boy to laugh!
The songs that make him laugh: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes; If You're Happy and You Know It; and the Branson Vacation Channel theme song (it's a weird inside joke my brother and I have.. maybe Jax has our sense of humor? Uh oh).
The songs that calm him down/put him to sleep: Que Sera Sera; Mona Lisa; and basically any Abba song.
I hope you enjoyed this gaggle of "short stories"--we'll see you back here tomorrow for the Funnies!


  1. I used Laudate all the time! Even when I go to Mass to quickly look up the readings instead of grabbing a missal (although it does cause some judgement stares, haha!). It's really good for looking up chaplets and prayers too!

  2. That's genius!! I may have to start doing that too :D Congratulations on joining the church, Miss Carleigh! I'm so happy/excited for you and can't wait to watch you continue on your faith journey!


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