Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Sick.. Let's Talk About My Eyebrows.

You guys, I'm sick.

Yes, again. I'm super congested, have an irritated throat and am running a fever. Blah.

I keep sitting here trying to write up a Friday post but my brain is too mushy to think.


Here is a guest post I wrote for my friend Stephanie's adorable blog, Never the Same Spice Twice (go over to her blog sometime--she has some GREAT recipes!!). I'm basically just rambling on about my eyebrows so I hope you enjoy it!

I have been told that I am blessed to have such full and dark eyebrows (I have never looked at it this way--if I don't tweeze my unibrow everyday, I'm mistaken for Anthony Davis--sooo blessed!)--my brother has the same dark/bushy eyebrows that I do so I guess it's just one of those fun, genetic things we were so lucky to inherit (thanks, dad..). Anyway, I have never really known how to groom my brows. I had bangs once (for 21 years) so I didn't have to worry about grooming them quite as often.
The 'brow sibs (Christmas 2007).
It's 2010--full bangs are still cool..
And then my boyfriend (now husband) came back from Afghanistan and I decided to lose the bangs.. and the brows..
They don't look too bad here, but standby for the next pic.
Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup.
Kudos to whoever get the reference.
I have a heart shaped face with varying features (wide nose, oval eyes, wide smile/full lips) and I quickly learned that thin eyebrows DO NOT mesh with my face; I needed to let those bad boys grow. I did some research to determine what my 'perfect' shape is and I'd like to share those resources with you!
And now, without further ado, I'd like to show you how I'm sporting the brows today.
Oh, I have a new trick to hiding them--I wear glasses now!
As I was writing this post, I started thinking about how random eyebrows even are--it's just some weird hair that chills on your face. Crazy stuff.. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post and that I can help you or somebody you love from making the same mistakes I have (ha).

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  1. Sorry you are sick! Hope your Cara Box arrives today to cheer you up! :)

  2. haha random hair on your face! I tend to let mine get overgrown and I really should have them waxed more often! feel better soon.

  3. It makes me sad that you're sick! But I hear ya on the eye brows, mine are nice and thick and dark (thanks dad). Oh well, there's always plucking and waxing them to smaller. :)

  4. Ok, this is seriously hilarious. The part about Anthony Davis? Thank you, I almost peed my pants. <-TMI?

    I have always thought eyebrows and eyelashes were weird. What if something got messed up in-utero and a person was born with eyelashes on their cheek or coming out of their forehead? Or eyebrows on their chin? I shudder to think about this....

  5. So sorry you are sick, but I enjoyed your post. As a person who is basically hairless (yes, another kind of genetic trick), I have eyebrow envy. Mine are sparse and light even when I had very dark brown hair. I always dreamed of thick brows that made a statement. Not quite Frida Kahlo (probably SIC), but close. Ah, well, I guess the eyebrows are always thicker on the other side.

  6. Stopping by from Mop It Up Monday. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi! You were the link before me on Sunday Showcase Party so I wanted to stop by and say hi! Then I saw what you were writing about and all I can say is, "sista, a'men." I have the "oh-so-coveted" dark, thick eyebrows too. Thanks, dad. When I was in middle school a girl came up to me to tell me that I needed to pluck my unibrow. Unibrow? What? I was 11! But yes, since then, I like you have to do daily maintenance. I wear glasses too and have to be careful that the frames I choose don't make my eyebrows look even thicker than they are! I'm glad you learned from trial and error and have the confidence to share it with us all!

    It's Always Ruetten

  8. I am so jealous! My eyebrows are thin and I have to draw them on everyday. I've become quite the expert, received many compliments on them. I was even asked if I had them tattooed on because they are so perfect. Nope. Just spend about 5 minutes on them each morning so I've become an expert in the art of eyebrow drawing! Wish mine were nice and full like yours so I didn't have to draw them in!

    Hope you have a wonderful evening. :)

  9. I feel ya on the thick eyebrow thing, sister. But just like you--I've learned to embrace them! Thin eyebrows are not a good look on me at ALL. Loved your Norma Desmond pic. :) Hope you feel better soon!



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