Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yo College Peeps ( Review)!

I'm a college student too so I get your lingo--I'm hip like that!

But seriously.. college. One of the most stressful and fun times of your life.

You know what else college is?


Really, really expensive (College book stores are a scam.. you can quote me).

So today my friends from are here to help! No, they aren't here to give you beer money (are you even 21?).. they are here to help you save 40-90% on your textbooks!

Besides just saving you money, renting your textbooks has several other perks including:
-free shipping both ways
-ability to highlight in the textbooks
-flexible renting periods
-you make a donation to Operation Smile with each textbook you rent

Okay, so not only are you saving money but you're also helping provide free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other deformities to children all around the world? Sounds like a win/win to me!

As if all of that isn't enough, has just launched a new RentBack program. The way that works is this: You can now rent textbooks you already own to other students and make 2-4x more cash than you would selling your books back to the school. Cool, right?!

So, how does is work? 

What are you waiting for?! Visit and now!! 

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post but the opinions are my own and never influenced by the company.


  1. Hey Annie, I was approached by them as well to do a review. I'd be interested to hear how they were to work with.

  2. I love Campus Book Rentals. It's seriously the cheapest website to rent books from (and I've done A LOT of browsing all over the internet. I enjoy pinching my pennies). But I didn't know that they donated their profits to surgeries like that! How cool!

  3. Definitely going to use this for my next semesters, thanks for sharing!



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