Friday, March 1, 2013

All About Annie

I have to give a BIG welcome to my wonderful new followers! I'm so happy to have you here and hope you enjoy my recipes and life insights (or at least pretend to like them..).

I thought I would do an about me post to introduce myself--if there is anything you ever want to know (since I am pretty fascinating..), just let me know!

10.) I Love Lucy. No, really; I Love Lucy. I grew up watching Lucy and own every single episode, the Lucy Barbie dolls, books, ornaments, magnets, tea sets, license plates.. basically anything you can name, I have.
A very small part of my collection--my dad built the display cases for me when I was younger.
9.) I have an addiction to spicy food. Any time I cook, I can almost guarantee that it's going to have a bit of a kick. My two food staples are jalapenos and Hot Rotel. 

8.) My favorite band is 'Alice in Chains.' I have always had a soft spot for Layne Staley's raspy voice and the Cantrell/Staley harmonies. Besides AIC and Grunge, I also like big band, classic folk, alternative, and 90s hip hop. 
7.) I'm an aspiring producer. I have won several awards for my work in broadcasting and hope to someday land a job in video or television production.

A PSA I wrote, shot and produced regarding bullying. You can see more of my work on my Youtube Channel or by visiting my website.

6.) We didn't have cable growing up so we used to rent a lot of movies from Blockbuster (that kinda dates me..). My favorites to rent were any old musical (particularly 'Meet Me in St. Louis'), a Marx Brothers flick (my brother and I actually still love and watch the Marx Bros.--we own all of their movies!), or a Doris Day/Rock Hudson feature. Old movies are still my fave.
I heart Katharine Hepburn. (Source)
5.) When I first began college, my major was communications and my minor was political science. I had every intention of getting into politics (behind the scenes) and even worked as a campaign manager for a former Colorado Governor elect. 

4.) This coincides a bit with #6.. but I also grew up watching Disney movies (who didn't?!) and still do. My dad collected little Disney character figurines all through my childhood and built a Disney castle on my wall to display them on. He helped instill a love of Disney in me that I still have today--so much so, in fact, that B proposed to me at Disney World and we honeymooned at Disney Land. 

3.) This should probably go without saying, but I have the worlds coolest and handiest dad. Seriously, he's awesome. He is the only person I know who doesn't have a single enemy in the world and can build anything with duct tape and some 2x4s.

2.) I have a bad/awesome habit of sneaking meals into the movie theater. When my best friend and I used to live together, we'd hit up the Wendy's dollar menu before heading to the local $2 theater (we didn't have much money..) and were once able to sneak in two cheeseburgers, two chicken sandwiches, a chili, a frosty and two large fries. That takes courage and talent, people. (P.S. I'm also a huge popcorn addict so in addition to the three course meal I smuggle in, I always wind up buying a large popcorn..)
I introduced Brandon to the concept last summer--but this time it was only two burgers, two chicken sandwiches and a large fry.
1.) My birthday is this month (the big 2-3. Woo-hoo!) and to celebrate, I plan to host a big giveaway with some of your favorite bloggers! Be sure to check back--we will not disappoint! 

But in the meantime..

Don't forget to enter my friend Kristine's (Heart Shaped Sweat) HUGE $250 Visa giveaway!! You only have a few days left.. 

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Party, Party, I like to Party


  1. I love Disney too! So cute that Brandon proposed there.

  2. My Mom collected all the I Love Lucy episodes on VHS (remember those?) so I grew up watching them and falling in love with it :)

    I wanted to invite you to join in our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs Friday nights till the end of Monday, come link up if you have time this weekend :)

  3. this was fun! I'm totally guilty of sneaking in snacks to the movie theater but never a whole meal! that's a riot, and I kinda love it. I think I will be trying that soon. Awesome, awesome video. I def want to show that my's topic is relevant to his age group and your editing is seamless!

  4. I Love Lucy too! I don't have a collection or anything, but I do have all the series dvd's. I had no idea there was a Lucy Barbie doll, how fun! As I said, not a collector but just loved her t.v. shows! :)

  5. You must be the daughter I didn't know I had Annie! I love Lucy too and...Meet Me In St. Louis is a must watch Christmas movie! Even Mr. B loves it! Actually he loves the father and his facial expressions ;-) But then, I love everything and anything Judy!! How fun to get to know you better! Thanks for sharing this at the party this week. I LOVE it!!


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